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Opening Hours

Mon-Sat: 5:30pm - midnight

Sun:  Closed

Thaan Charcoal Cooking is an idea inspired from our love of eating as well as cooking. Through our travels across world, we realized that good food does not have to look beautiful, nor does not it have to be in 5 stars hotels. Most the time, small local eateries are where the locals go.  

Thaan Charcoal Cooking is a meat-focused restaurant where most of our food is cooked using local charcoal, on the Josper Grill. We strive to create a distinct type of Steakhouse based on local taste and flavor. Many of our dishes are our own creation, and unlikely to be found at any other steakhouse in Thailand. We source our ingredients  both locally and overseas, as we find it best to use a combination of both.

We also believe that good food should be enjoyed in a casual, unapologetic atmosphere, so we encourage our diners to come as they are. After all, when our kitchen gets busy, it may get a little bit hot and smoky, but that's all part of the experience....